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Patriots Avoid Getting Defecated On By Browns With Miracle Win

  Good evening, Patriots fans! Wow…what a game. How many times have we said that now? Well frankly, I don’t really know. What I do know is you can add another one of those to your list because the New England Patriots made another miracle today. They defeated the Cleveland Browns at home 27-26. How […]

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Round Table: Edelman’s Future

Is Julian Edelman the next Wes Welker?  And by that, I mean will he be playing for another team next season? Jason: Edelman isn't going to command a huge contract since this is far and away his best year. Most teams are hesitant to throw big bucks at a guy coming off of a career year, […]

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Round Table: Run Defense

Do the Patriots need to fix their run defense in order to win a championship? Raj: I feel like they do. Big plays by running backs have contributed to why the Pats have fallen behind early. If they work on that, then the offense might not have to play comeback in the early stages of the game. Jason: I don't […]

Game Preview: Patriots vs. Browns

Last week, the New England Patriots' first half woes continued. After a memorable comeback win against the Broncos, the Patriots were trailing 17-7 at the half to the then 2-9 Houston Texans. Then, Tom Brady and the offense took over in the 2nd half as the Patriots survived another close call, 34-31. With just four weeks […]

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Round Table: 2nd Half Comebacks

What do you make of the Patriots recent run of 2nd half comebacks?  Good coaching adjustments?  Lack of effort early on? Raj: I'm actually enjoying it. That Denver game had me out of my seat in the cold the entire 2nd half because well…who doesn't like comebacks? Props to the coaches for those adjustments. But at the same time, we […]

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 14

Three quarters of the way through the season, Rick continues to extend his lead.  Five games is a pretty sizeable cushion at this point in the season.  As for me, I should be able to make some strides in my quest to not finish last.  My picks mirror Rick's, so that has to be good, […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 14

The rankings stayed relatively calm this week despite some big games.  Let's see how that plays out with the Seahawks and Niners, Panthers and Saints, and Bengals and Colts all set to do battle.  Of note, Chicago has officially fallen off the board after a whole season of hovering near the bottom.  The NFC North […]

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Opening Lines: Week 14

The Patriots opened as 11.5-point favorites as they prepare to host the Cleveland Browns in Week 14. So about this Cleveland business … actually, is there really anything worth discussing in Cleveland? Josh Gordon is a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators, but the guy throwing him the ball (are they really back to a banged-up […]

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Round Table: Tomlin Punishment

Having been there ourselves with "Spygate", should the Steelers be penalized draft picks for Mike Tomlin interfering during last Thursday's game? Jason:  I thought the draft pick penalty was excessive in Spygate then, and so logic dictates that it would be even more excessive in this case. The powers that be wanted to make an example of the Pats […]

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Week 13 Risers and Fallers

You can chalk up this latest game as yet another semi-ugly, yet thrilling win for this 2013 Patriots team.  What a season this has been!  For the past three years we had been watching a team that would drop a ridiculous amount of points that would compensate for some generally horrific defense. Occassionally, when things […]

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Patriots Take Over Texans’ Rodeo With Close Win

  Good evening Patriots fans! Wow, what a game. After a miraculous 34-31 win against Denver last week (which I witnessed from section 319), the New England Patriots were in Houston to take on the Texans. After a sluggish first half, the Pats had a better 2nd half (never heard that one before…) and got […]

Round Table: 6th Seed

On a hopefully non-Patriots related note, which AFC team will sneak into the 6th seed this season?   Raj: I think it will be Baltimore. They've had their struggles but they still aren't a horrible team. At some point in the season if not now, they will realize that they are the defending Super Bowl champions […]

Round Table: Bench Ridley?

How should Bill Belichick manage Stevan Ridley in light of his fumble problems: bench him, limit him, let him work through it with a full workload? Jason:  When he fumbled on Sunday night, I was screaming at the TV to just cut him. Obviously, that would be a bit rash. But I really think they need to […]

Preview: Patriots @ Texans

Last Sunday, the New England Patriots (8-3) experienced a tale of two halves against the Denver Broncos. In the first half, the team had a multitude of fumbles and turnovers that led to the Broncos taking a 24-0 lead into halftime. Then, Bill Belichick's team put it in to high gear with score after score […]

Round Table: Home Field Advantage

After seeing how big of a role the elements played in Sunday's game, how important would home field advantage be for the Patriots in the playoffs? Raj: It would be huge. Look, I decided to go to my first ever game at Gillette last week. Man, was it ever cold… Talk about single digit weather and […]