kenbrell thompkins touchdown falcons

Round Table: Seeding

With two games to go, and the possibility of being seeded anywhere from 1-6, where do the Patriots ultimately end up after the next two games?  Jason: The two seed makes the most sense. Denver shouldn't be challenged much in their final two games, and Cincy faces a tough closing schedule with the potential for losing the division […]

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 16

And suddenly, we have a game on our hands.  With Jason going a solid 6-1 last week and Rick floundering at 3-4, the lead for first has been cut to only three.  Ironically, both Jason and Rick had identical picks this week, which means it's up to Raj and his upset specials to see if […]


Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 16

Just when I thought I had it all figured out.  Last week's #2, 3, and 4 teams all lose to vastly inferior competition.  Same goes for the #7 and #9 teams as well.  As a result, we have our craziest Top 12 of the year with teams moving all over the place!   Part of […]

julian edelman spike ravens

Opening Lines: Week 16

The Patriots opened as one-point underdogs as they visit the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16. Words cannot express how much I hate the band of punks in purple, so I’m not even going to pretend to have any semblance of objectivity in my analysis. While I understand that nobody wants to hear some other guy’s […]

collie slips dolphins

Flippers Slip by Pats 24-20

There was plenty of reason to be concerned heading into today's game if you were a Patriots fan.  For starters, this was going to be the team's first game without Gronk and there was certain to be an adjustment period.  Second, New England has a knack for coming to Miami and laying an egg.  And […]

Round Table: Bill’s Best?

With all the injuries and stunning comebacks, what still needs to happen for the 2013 season to go down as the finest coaching job of the Bill Belichick era?  Raj: It's been a much better season than I anticipated before September. I'm impressed despite the pattern of 2nd half comebacks. But honestly, BB has to find […]

wilfork injury

Round Table: Too Banged Up?

Do the Patriots have any real shot at the Lombardi Trophy now that Gronk is out for the season? Jason: Never say never with these Pats, but it's clear that their chances took a low blow with Gronk being carted off. If they had a 15 percent chance of hoisting the hardware with Gronk, they have […]

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Preview: Patriots @ Dolphins

The cardiac New England Patriots (10-3) were able to pull off another miraculous win last week. Down 26-14 to the Cleveland Browns with 2:00 to go, the Patriots were able to score a touchdown, recover an onside kick for the first time in 20 years, and score another touchdown via Tom Brady to Danny Amendola to seal […]

Q&A with Phins Phocus

  With the Pats and Phins set to do battle on Sunday with the AFC East crown on the line, our staff writer Ricky Keeler sat down for a Q&A session with Michael Serrania from Bloguin's Miami Dolphin's blog, Phins Phocus.     1. How have the Dolphins been able to stay in the playoff […]

josh mcdaniels

Round Table: Offensive Adjustments

How do you think the Patriots will adjust their offensive game plan to account for the absence of Rob Gronkowski? Raj: They're obviously going to implement Hooman in Gronk's spot. As we all know though, he's not a reliable replacement. This means the WRs will get more attention. Look for Amendola to be more involved. […]

rob gronkowski spike

Round Table: Gronk’s Style

After three straight seasons ending with significant injuries does Rob Gronkowski need to change his style of play to avoid so many big hits? Jason: I'm not sure there are any changes he could make other than spending less time with his big blue ox. He's a big target not only for Brady, but for defenders […]

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 15

Last week, nobody did that great with Rick, Jason, and myself all posting 4-3 records and Raj pulling a 3-4.  Overall, it was not our best work and the result was that Rick maintained his solid lead and I remain nearly just as far back in last place.   This week, chaos has ensued and […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 15

As wild as Week 14 was on the field, it was the exact opposite in the Top 12.  The Saints and Panthers swapped places, as did the Eagles and Colts.  Other than that, everyone decided to stand pat.  Have I suddenly figured this league out?  My Pick 'Em record would suggest otherwise.  We'll see what […]

ryan tannehill sacked

Opening Lines: Week 15

The Patriots opened as 2-point favorites as they visit the Miami Dolphins in Week 15. Honestly, this season can just go suck an entire bag of dicks. Wilfork, Mayo, Vollmer, Kelly, Wilson, and now Gronk? Why don’t you just torture my family and throw my beloved cat down a flight of stairs while you’re at […]

tom brady passing browns

Week 14 Risers and Fallers

We have seen Tom Brady drive this team down the field in a little over a minute with no time outs to shock the Saints.  We have seen this team erase a 24-0 halftime deficit to defeat Peyton Manning and the Broncos in overtime.  Last week, we saw back-to-back 53-yard field goals to seal a […]