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Is the Brady/Manning Debate Actually a Debate?

Kyle:  I think it’s only a debate in the sense that sports rivalries fuel debates. The problem with this as a legitimate debate is the fact that they actually don’t go head-to-head as say a Bird and Magic or Ali and Frazier did. Both players are somewhat beholding to the talent, schemes, and successes of […]

Game Preview: Patriots vs. Dolphins

Well, the New England Patriots achieved all the regular season goals they set out to accomplish coming into the season. With their 34-3 demolishing of the Buffalo Bills, the road to Dallas and Super Bowl 45 on the AFC side now goes through Foxboro. This Sunday, the Patriots will play the final game of the […]

Q&A Session with Phins Phocus Part 2

It’s time for our weekly Q&A session with a blogger who covers the Patriots next opponent.  Up this week is Phins Phocus, a great blog covering the Dolphins.  We last touched base with Phins Phocus three months ago to the day.  Back then both teams were 2-1, fresh off losses to the streaking Jets.  Their […]

Week 17 NFL Pick ‘Em

And just like that, Jason has gone from dead last to first place!  For the first time this season, Rick has been overtaken for the lead in our little competition.  Jason has come on strong down the stretch, posting a 4-1 record last week.  However, Rick and I are only a single game back, so […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 16

Week 17 in the NFL is always a difficult thing to figure out.  Which teams will play hard and which will rest?  With that in mind, this Week 16 version of the rankings could very well be the most accurate we’ll have heading into the playoffs.  For the first time in a long time we […]

Opening Lines: Week 17

The Patriots-Dolphins game in Week 17 is currently off most boards pending further news on how many snaps New England starters are likely to play after locking up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs last week. History offers a little bit of insight on how the Patriots might approach this game. Last year in Week 17, […]


Break Out the Hats and T-Shirts!

Only twice in the past ten seasons have the New England Patriots failed to capture the AFC East Division title.  However, I don’t think that there’s ever been a season where winning the division has felt so good.  For months, Patriots fans have heard how the Jets were Super Bowl contenders and how control of […]

Patriots Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 16

*Since most fantasy football leagues have their championship game in Week 16, this will be the last edition of the Patriots Fantasy Football Forecast for 2010. Thanks for reading and good luck in the playoffs! Tom BradyThe Bills are one of the league’s most generous passing defenses, but they also give up a ton of […]


Patriots @ Bills Preview

After you are done opening your presents on Christmas Day, you’ll get a chance to see the New England Patriots take the field against the Buffalo Bills with a lot on the line. Last weekend, the Patriots nearly ruined the Christmas cheer by needing a last second clock management mistake by backup Packers’ quarterback, Matt […]

Q&A Session with Buffalo Wins Part 2

As we do almost every week, it’s time for our Q&A session with a blogger who covers the Patriots next opponent.  Helping out for a second time this season is Buffalo Wins, a great blog covering the Bills and Sabres.  I asked the site’s lead writer, Joe Pinzone, a series of questions about the Billss, […]

Week 16 NFL Pick ‘Em

You couldn’t write a better script for our Pick ‘Em as we head into the final two weeks of the season.  For the past four weeks, Jason has been pulling up the rear, while Rickwas leading the pack.  Thanks to some surprising finishes last week, Jason managed to pull dead even for the lead with […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 15

With eight of last week’s twelve teams going head to head, the rankings were sure to get switched up this week.  And did they ever!  Not a single team stood firm, which I believe is the first time this year, and maybe the first time in Top 12 history.  (You’ll have to pardon me for […]

Opening Lines: Week 16

Patriots Open as 8-Point Favorites in Buffalo The Patriots opened at -8 in their Week 16 matchup in Buffalo against the Bills. The Pats squeaked out a hard-earned win last week in a game that everyone not named Derek Hanson thought would be a blowout (to be fair, Derek Hanson is a pretty common name, […]


Patriots Sneak Past Packers, 31-27

My stomach was churning throughout the entire second half tonight.  Yes, the Patriots inability to pull away from the battered Packers definitely played a role, but my indigestion had more to do with the awful announcing occuring in the background. “Who would have ever thought that Matt Flynn would be having a night like this!” […]

Week 15 NFL Pick ‘Em

Ok, so everyone picked so bad in Week 13 (all four of us went 1-4 across the board) that we decided to spare everyone from our horrendous prognostication abilities and take Week 14 off.  At least that’s the story we’re going with. At any rate, the Pick ‘Em is back in Week 15.  Our buddy […]