Game Recap: Patriots vs. Jaguars

It’s been an extremely busy weekend for yours truly, thus the lack of a game preview.  Spending time with family around the holidays leaves very little time for blogging about the Patriots and running Bloguin.  I know, priorities… Anyway, I don’t really have much time to do a game recap either, but I didn’t want […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 15

Very surprisingly, two of last week’s top four teams took a tumble in Week 15.  That means that the Patriots, who I assumed would be stuck at the #5 spot for the rest of the year will now get an opportunity to move up a bit.  That’s the good news for New England.  The bad […]

Game Recap: Patriots @ Bills

I don’t have a ton of analysis to drop since my iPhone decided to crap out right before the game started and I spent the subsequent 3 hours plus on the phone with Apple support.  I was in and out of the game in between countless computer restarts and uninstalls and re-installs of iTunes.  Come […]

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3rd and Long: Patriots @ Bills

This Sunday’s game against the Bills is about as big as they come.  No, it doesn’t have the mass-appeal of the showdown vs. Peyton Manning, the hype of facing the Saints on Monday Night, or the rivalry factor involved in a game vs. the Jets.  The importance of this week’s game boils down to pure, […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 14

With five members of last week’s Top 12 taking a hit in the loss column this week, there’s bound to be some interesting shake-ups in the rankings.  However, the top teams are continuing to hold serve week after week, making things pretty stable in the 1-4 slots.  What does this mean for the inconsistent Patriots? […]

Patriots vs. Panthers: Game Recap

If you write a review of the most boring game of the season a day late, will anybody read it?  Maybe not, but I’ll write one any way.  After all, as mundane as the Patriots victory over Carolina may have been, there was still some interesting subplots that developed.  I’ll avoid focusing too much on […]

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3rd and Long: Patriots vs. Panthers

The Patriots have lost three of their last four games for the fist time since 2002.  The media is having a field day declaring that the team’s reign atop the NFL is officially over. Adding fuel to the fire, reports surfaced that Bill Belichick sent four players home for being minutes late to a team […]

The Way We Were – Patriots Quarterly Report

Well, now’s the time for the Patriots to do something that counts. The Colts on Sunday night, the revenge game vs. the Jets, Monday Night Football in New Orleans, and then a trip down to Miami where they can officially capture the division crown. If the Patriots win those four games, believe me, everyone will […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 13

The Top 12 was supposed to be a celebration of the Patriots’ dominance, instead, it’s become a weekly reminder that this team just keeps finding new ways to lose.  How much longer until the Pats fall off the map completely?  I’m thinking loss this week to the Panthers would probably do it.  But then again, […]

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Losing Football Games for Dummies

That’s pretty much how I looked for the last nine minutes of the Dolphins game.  It was nearly psychic, the way I envisioned the Patriots unraveling to throw away their fifth straight road game. I kept telling my wife, “Here we go again!” “What are they doing?” “They’re going to blow this one!” Then again, […]

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3rd and Long: Patriots @ Dolphins

There’s nothing better than the weekend after a horrible loss.  You can finally get the bad taste out of your mouth, turn the momentum upwards, and find some redemption.  One win can can change a whole lot.  If the Patriots can find a way to walk out of Miami with a convincing victory, they’ll be […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 12

Another big game for the Patriots, another big disappointment.  I’ve been ragging on the Colts and Vikings for not beating anyone of substance, and it’s time to come to grips with the fact that, honestly, the Patriots haven’t beaten many good teams either.  Sure, Baltimore was scorching hot back in Week 4, and the Falcons […]

homer fail

No Excuses

Eight plays for 20 yards or more.  Do I need to say anything more than that in this recap? Probably not.  The Patriots’ performance last night against New Orleans has to rank among the all-time worst in the Belichick/Brady era.   I don’t want to fall into the trap of claiming that the event that “just […]

From The Eyes Of The Enemy – New Orleans Saints

For those who don’t know me, I am the head writer over at Something’s Bruin which is primarily dedicated to the Boston Bruins and various hockey talk. Although my main love is hockey, I grew up watching and playing football (in both high school and college) so when Derek asked me to write a weekly […]

the saints are coming

3rd and Long: Patriots @ Saints Preview

It’s hard to call this game “the big one” given the Patriots’ storied rivalry with the Colts and the huge playoff-seeding implications that hung in the balance two weeks ago.  However, when the Pats roll into the Super Dome on Monday Night, they will undoubtedly lock horns with the best team they will face in the […]