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Opening Lines: Stupid Super Bowl Edition

The stupid Denver Broncos opened as 2.5-point favorites as they prepare to play the equally stupid Seattle Seahawks in the stupid Super Bowl that I won’t watch. A number of my colleagues on his blog have expressed varying levels of disappointment, resignation, optimism and pride in New England’s season. While most of them have started […]

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All Rise.

I will always remember where I was when I found out Wes Welker had signed with the Denver Broncos.  It was a sunny spring afternoon.  I was in the park with my wife and son, and my thumb couldn't work my cell phone fast enough.  While I certainly felt uneasy about everything that was playing […]

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Patriots’ Season Ends in Broncos’ Stable

Good evening, Patriots fans. Well, what can I say? The Patriots will not be playing in Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, NJ. Today, New England simply took on a much better Denver Broncos team. From start to finish, today was just not the Patriots’ day. Denver won the toss and deferred, but the Pats […]

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Round Table: Legends’ Legacies

With thirteen years of history already behind them, how much bearing, if any, does Sunday's game have on the legacies of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Rick:  This game means more to Peyton Manning’s legacy than Brady’s. Manning needs that second Super Bowl to back up his greatest regular season quarterback of all-time claim. As for […]

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AFC Championship Preview: Patriots @ Broncos

For the third straight season, the New England Patriots are back in a position where they want to be: a win away from the Super Bowl. The Patriots were able to take care of business last Saturday night in a 43-22 win over the Indianapolis Colts. They were able to win in an unconventional Patriot […]


Round Table: Blount Force Trauma

What has gotten into LeGarrette Blount and can he sustain this level of production as the season comes to a finale? Raj: I think it's finally hit Blount that he is a New England Patriot who is only a win away from NJ and two wins away from winning it all. We all know (or hopefully should know) […]

Round Table: Final Four

Rank the four remaining teams from least likely to most likely to raise the Lombardi when it's all said and done.  Explain why? Jason: My least likely team is the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is going to be an excellent quarterback as he continues to learn and grow, but a signal-caller can't throw the ball to himself. […]

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LIVE 3PM EST: AFC Championship Preview Show

Tune in to listen to Foxboro Blog writer Ricky Keeler preview the AFC Championship Game with Sayre Bedinger of Predominantly Orange. Both will discuss the keys to the Patriots-Broncos matchup and what to watch for on Sunday afternoon.

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Round Table: Confidence Boost

What makes you feel the most confident about the Patriots in Sunday's matchup? Raj: They're coming into this game as determined underdogs. We never think of or see the Patriots as underdogs. Well, we do now, but it's a good thing. That creates a strong fire within them that pushes them to desire the ultimate dream: hoisting the lombardi […]

NFL Pick ‘Em Championship Weekend

And just like that, Jason managed to take the lead in the waning moments of this season-long game.  Rick has been in the lead nearly the entire year, but Jason's perfect 4-0 record last week put him over the top.  This week, it all comes down to Pats/Broncos.  If Denver wins, Jason will have a […]

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Round Table: Biggest Concern

What's your biggest concern for the Patriots as they head into Denver? Raj: The altitude. Denver is 5280 ft, better known as 1 mile, above sea level. It's somewhat difficult for the visiting players to breathe in that. That's why you always see more oxygen masks on the visiting sideline. If the Patriots fly out tonight, then it […]

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Opening Lines: Conference Championships

The Patriots opened as 5-point underdogs as they visit the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. If you listen to the oddsmakers, this is where the train stops for the Pats. You’d probably have to go back to Super Bowl XXXVI to find a game where the Pats gave up more than 3.5, even […]

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One More Zag: Risers and Fallers

I can't count the number of times where I've mentioned just how proud I am of this Patriots team.  Their resliency and determination is downright inspiring.  To go 12-4 after overcoming a horrendous run of injuries to key players on both sides of the ball, is not just a monumental accomplishment for Bill Belichick as […]