Jimmy Garoppolo

Can the Patriots Win with Jimmy Garappolo if Brady Goes Down?

Kyle:  Garappolo is probably not ready to lead a team to the playoffs, but he is certainly ready to play in the NFL. He is surgically accurate (the quality I believe is most important for a QB- see Pennington, Chad and how he dissected the Pats D with precision passes). He can move and make […]

brady fumble niners

How Much is Brady to Blame for the Patriots’ Struggles?

Raj:  There is no doubt in my mind that some of the blame belongs to Tom Brady. He mentioned in his press conference yesterday that he’s just trying to be the best qb for the team. However, you can’t blame him too much if the offensive line is week and only one receiver (Julian Edelman) […]

julian edelman patriots running chiefs

Preview: Patriots @ Chiefs

Last Sunday, the New England Patriots (2-1) won a football game that a lot of people expected to be a blowout, but ended up being a game that the team barely hung on to win. In a 16-9 win over the Oakland Raiders, the Patriots’ defense was able to get a big Vince Wilfork interception […]

Week 4 NFL Pick ‘Em

After a 1-6 start, Kyle rebounded in Week 2 with a 6-1 finish.  He went back to his old ways and finished 1-6 in Week 3.  Should I be afraid that all seven of my picks are the exact opposite of his?   In other news, Raj caught up to me and is now tied […]


Looking Beyond the O-Line

Other than the offensive line, what is the biggest area where the Patriots need to make improvements? Rick:  The biggest area that the Patriots need to address other than the offensive line is the wide receivers. Other than Julian Edelman, no other Patriot has stood out at that position. The one thing I haven’t liked […]

roger goodell

A Bad Week for the Commish

Unless you are an Amish hermit, you saw that Commissioner Goodell had a pretty lousy week last week. At his air clearing, “House cleaning” press conference, he looked like a man quite skilled at giving the answers he wanted to give regardless of the questions asked. Mostly, what he sounded like was someone whose sole […]

rob gronkowski spike

The ‘Kowski Bowl: Week 3 Risers and Fallers

While Sunday was far from a banner day for the New England Patriots, it was a shining moment for those of Polish heritage as all 25 points in the game were scored by people with the last name “Kowski”.   That’s right, Oakland’s Sebastian JaniKOWSKI notched three field goals, Rob GronKOWSKI caught the game’s only […]

vince wilfork interception raiders

Patriots Defend Gillette From Raiders in 2014 Home Opener

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Well, what can I say? This game was plain BORING! Even though it was the home opener, I have never been so uninterested in watching a Patriots game. Thankfully they won so it wasn’t as bad. But the Oakland Raiders gave New England a tough fight so kudos to them…or maybe […]

brady throwing bengals

Are the Bengals a Threat to the Pats?

How concerned should Patriots fans be about the Bengals and the potential that they could prevent New England from claiming the first-round bye that everyone thought the Pats had coming? Raj: Not concerned at all. The Bengals are a great team, no doubt. But they’re not that great that Patriots fans should worry about them stealing […]

Which 0-2 Team is the Most Likely to Make the Playoffs

Rick: After Monday night, my choice is the Indianapolis Colts. They are 0-2, but they played two of the better teams in football to start the season in the Broncos and the Eagles. Andrew Luck is off to a good start with five touchdowns in his first two games and Chuck Pagano’s squad has found a running game. […]

tom brady throwing raiders

Preview: Patriots vs. Raiders

Last Sunday, the New England Patriots (1-1) were able to find a way to get in the win column with a 30-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings. While the offense wasn’t as consistent as Patriots’ fans would like it, Stevan Ridley was still able to run for 101 yards and a touchdown in the win. […]

Week 3 NFL Pick ‘Em

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  After a horrible 1-6 outing to start the season, Kyle rebounded big-time with a 6-1 record in Week 2.  The results is that we now have a three-way tie for 2nd place at 7-7 between Kyle, Rick, and Raj.   I’m clutching onto my two-game lead for dear […]

Which 2-0 Team is the Most Likely to Miss the Playoffs?

Kyle: The Cardinals will miss the playoffs. Their defense has been decimated by injuries and they play in a battering ram of a division. Their quarterback is banged up and it’s nearly impossible for teams to survive injuries for a sustained period in the NFL. Rick: The 2-0 team that is the most likely to miss the […]

devin mccourty INT

Is the Patriots’ Defense Too Dependent on Turnovers?

Derek: Having questions about your defense’s stopping ability on third down because they managed to force an NFL-high seven turnovers in two games is a very high-class problem to have.  Still, there is something to be said for the fact that this defense hasn’t forced their opponents to punt all that often, particularly in the Miami […]