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Post Draft Q&A – Jimmy Garoppolo

The New England Patriots made a surprising selection on Day 2 of the NFL Draft when they selected Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the 62nd pick. Now, the question has become whether or not Garoppolo will be the next quarterback after Tom Brady. To get the breakdown on the EIU quarterback, I talked with

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Post-Draft Q&A

Following the draft, I had the chance to sit down with former Foxboro Blog contributor, Stephen Sheehan.  We chatted about Dominique Easley, Jon Halapio, and his thoughts on the Patriots’ draft.  Stephen is currently a NFL/NFL Draft writer for Fanrag.com. He is also a graduate student at the University of Florida after graduating from UF with […]

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Position Analysis: Quarterback

Tom Brady has spoiled the fans in Foxboro since 2001. He has, at times, been the best quarterback on the planet. He has led them to three Super Bowl wins and two other heart-breaking losses. He has been around for a long time…and it may be time to move on. What follows is not “click […]

shane vereen

Position Analysis: Running Back

I don’t often spend time on Twitter, and I rarely tweet; but the other day I found myself looking at a tweet by Albert Breer of the NFL Network. He was discussing running backs (if you can “discuss” something in 140 characters) and he made the point that teams (presumably high school and college) are […]


Position Analysis: Wide Receiver

Reflecting on year one of the Danny Amendola era, as the ostensible replacement for Wes Welker, could not have been what Kraft family, or Coach Belichick, could have hoped for. They could and probably, should have foreseen the injuries, but the lack of confidence in Amendola from TB12 has to be disconcerting. I assume that […]

2014 schedule

Patriots 2014 Schedule Analysis

The NFL released its schedule this evening, giving us our first look at the Patriots’ slate for 2014.  Here are some thoughts about the team’s draw for this year… #1 – Perfect bye week placement: You can’t do much better than a Week 10 bye.  It will give the team ample time to recharge before a […]


Position Analysis: Offensive Line

If you are a long-time fan of the Pats, or even an intermediate-time fan, you should be a little nervous about the offensive line. The only offensive line coach many fans have known has taken his silver mane a gone into retirement. I don’t think it can be overstated how much Dante Scarnecchia’s ability to […]

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Round Table: Arms Race

Denver received all the accolades on Day 1.  How do you feel the Patriots’ free agency stacks up compared to the Broncos’? Kyle:  Because Denver was clearly ahead of New England prior to free agency, it appears that anything they do to strengthen themselves keeps them ahead. However, they are losing significant players as they […]

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Position Analysis: Tight End

So you have a team whose tight end has unmatched talent. This tight end, with his Hamburger Helper gloves, has a catch radius so vast that anything thrown in his direction is an expected catch. This player gets separation from linebackers and is too big for safeties to cover. Go ahead, put a cornerback on […]

Round Table: Grading Free Agency

What grade would you hand out to the Patriots based on what we've seen so far during free agency? Jason:  So far, it's hard to give them anything less than an A. Had the Revis deal been a true two-year deal and not a one-year deal dressed up for cap purposes, I might give in […]

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Round Table: Cut Vince?

What's your take on the Vince Wilfork situation?  Should the Patriots pay him or cut him? Rick:  This is a very difficult situation for the Patriots because Vince Wilfork has been one of the defensive leaders on the team for many years. However, he is getting up their age and you don’t know productive he […]

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Free-Agency Whirlwind Recap

I don't think there's ever been a free-agency period that I've enjoyed as much as this 2014 go-round for the Patriots.  Usually, this is the time of year when my favorite players get signed away and I'm left wondering what bargain-basement no-name Bill Belichick will come up with to replace them.  I don't lose too […]

revis island

Welcome to Revis Island!

It's been a bit quiet around here at Foxboro Blog.  I've been spending my time getting things ready for the new Bloguin platform that's about to drop any day now.  As a result, I haven't had much time to wax analytical about the Patriots, despite of all the rumors swirling.  However, today's big news is […]

talib wins game

Positional Assessments: Cornerback

Now that the speculative dust has settled and the Patriots have decided to, once again, NOT use the Franchise Tag on a game-changing player, Aqib Talib stands to be a free agent within days. The local radio and TV talking heads have begun to beat an unrealistic drum for the Pats to trade for Darrelle […]