edelman touchdown return

Free-Agency Whirlwind Recap

I don't think there's ever been a free-agency period that I've enjoyed as much as this 2014 go-round for the Patriots.  Usually, this is the time of year when my favorite players get signed away and I'm left wondering what bargain-basement no-name Bill Belichick will come up with to replace them.  I don't lose too […]

revis island

Welcome to Revis Island!

It's been a bit quiet around here at Foxboro Blog.  I've been spending my time getting things ready for the new Bloguin platform that's about to drop any day now.  As a result, I haven't had much time to wax analytical about the Patriots, despite of all the rumors swirling.  However, today's big news is […]

talib wins game

Positional Assessments: Cornerback

Now that the speculative dust has settled and the Patriots have decided to, once again, NOT use the Franchise Tag on a game-changing player, Aqib Talib stands to be a free agent within days. The local radio and TV talking heads have begun to beat an unrealistic drum for the Pats to trade for Darrelle […]

devin mccourty INT

Position Analysis: Safety

If you slice Devin McCourty’s production any number of ways using either a numerical or visual analysis there is no way to say he had anything but a down year. McCourty had fewer tackles, passes defended, and interceptions in 2014 than in any of the preceding three seasons. If you watched his play, you saw a […]

jerod mayo what

Postion Analysis: Linebackers

If you listened to even five minutes of sports talk radio during the Pats season, you could not help but hear a constant refrain – Dont’a Hightower is not a good football player. Much of the criticism stemmed from the view that Hightower doesn’t jump off of the TV screen and make huge plays. The […]

aaron dobson drop

Is Aaron Dobson the Next Alshon Jeffery?

One of the less-heralded stories of the 2013 NFL season was the emergence of Chicago WR Alshon Jeffery as one of the league’s elite wide receivers. Jeffery ranked second in the NFC in receiving yards, coming up 72 yards shy of outpacing position standard-bearer Calvin Johnson. The performance of the second-year wideout was among the […]

rob ninkovich sack texans

Position Analysis: Defensive Line

Anybody who watched the AFC Championship game had to be thinking, are the Patriots defensive lineman overmatched, hung over, falling victim to the altitude, or has Peyton Manning been covered in the Ebola virus? This no-show, against a Denver offensive line that was continuously pushed back into Manning’s face two weeks later by Seattle, was […]

manning vs brady

Round Table: Brady/Manning Revisited

How does the Broncos loss in Super Bowl XLVIII alter the Brady/Manning debate, if at all? Jason: I don’t think it alters the great debate much, but it did contribute to the old narrative that Manning has the numbers, but Brady has the rings. Lombardi trophies shouldn’t be the only measure of a player’s success, but when two guys are pretty […]

Round Table: Emulating the Seahawks

In light of Seattle's dominating victory on Sunday, do you feel differently about how the Patriots' front office should go about re-tooling the roster for the 2014 season? Rick: I don’t feel as different about the re-tooling of the Patirots’ roster because it is tough to emulate that kind of defense, as Aaron Rodgers said earlier […]

Round Table: Pats in the Super Bowl

If the Patriots had found a way to get past Denver, would they have had a chance of knocking off Seattle, or were the Seahawks simply too dominant in Super Bowl XLVIII? Raj: I still think they would. Yes we saw Seattle's defense and what they did. Remarkable. However, when it comes to the NFL's best defenses, […]


Round Table: Top Draft Need

What is the position that you'd most like to see the Patriots address in the draft? Rick: With the Patriots picking towards the end of the first round, I would like to see them go after a tight end. With no Gronkowski and no Hernandez, the Patriots ran most of their offense without a tight end […]

NFL Pick ‘Em Results

While his win wasn't nearly as convincing as the Seahawks, Jason manage to walk away with the 2013 Pick 'Em Title.  This marks the second victory for Jason, who won our initial competition back during the 2010 season.   For those of you who care (does anybody care), here is a list of our year […]

seahawks champions

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!

Good evening, everyone! I assume everyone watched Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX tonight. This article is not meant to be a recap. Rather, this article is to recognize the Seattle Seahawks and their fans. On behalf of everyone at FoxboroBlog, we congratulate the Seahawks and their fans on the victory tonight over the Denver Broncos. […]

Patriots Picked to Win the Super Bowl

http://youtube.com/watch?v=3d35N5C49kU And here I've gone and spent the last two weeks feeling bitter for no reason!  Apparently Tom Brady and the Patriots WILL be making an appearance in tomorrow's big game.  This doctor has been "following" the team and has confirmed it.  He even picked them to win! Being a doctor myself, I can unabashedly […]