gronk tosses sergio brown

Did Gronk Go Too Far?

Did Gronk go too far, shoving Sergio Brown into the camera after the play was finished? Rick:  Gronk went a little too far in shoving Sergio Brown because the message didn’t need to be sent in that moment that the Patriots were tough. They were showing that the whole game by running on the Colts at […]


Week 11 Risers and Fallers: 201 Shades of Gray

In January, LeGarrette Blount scored four touchdowns as the New England Patriots ran all over the Colts in their Divisional Round playoff win.  On Sunday, Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns as the New England Patriots ran all over the Colts in a prime time matchup for first place in the AFC.  The biggest difference between these […]

verne lundquist

In Praise of Phil Simms…Not Really

As a fan there are some drawbacks to Sunday Night Football. The first is staying up late and trying to get through an entire work day without needing the Fred Flintstone toothpicks to hold my eyes open. The second is that is goes up against The Walking Dead. This season of “The Dead” has been stellar,and I […]


Patriots Silence the Neigh-Sayers With Blowout Win Over Colts in Indy

Good evening (or morning, depending on when you read this), Patriots fans! We got treated to another Sunday Night Football game featuring our team. Tonight though, they would be playing a very difficult Colts team in their barn. Despite all the facts and scenarios that experts used to say the Colts would win, it just […]

brady sacked by dolphins

Are the Patriots Due for a Fall?

Are the Patriots due for a fall just like the other past “consensus” top teams so far this NFL season? Raj: They’ll be in for a rough ride, no doubt about that. Having road games against Indianapolis, Green Bay, and San Diego are really tough so they will struggle. But a fall? Absolutely not. I just […]

Which NFC Team is Most Likely to Make it to the Super Bowl?

Kyle:  The NFC is suddenly a very flawed conference. Seattle is a chemistry mess. San Francisco keeps losing linebackers and their quarterback is shaky at best. Green Bay has gigantic defensive holes. Philly, should be the favorite, but The Sanchize is under center for them now. Can anyone trust Tony Romo in the playoffs? Nope. […]

patriots sack colts andrew luck

Preview: Patriots at Colts

The New England Patriots (7-2) are coming off of a much needed bye week as they get set to play the final seven games of the 2014 season. Two weeks ago, the Patriots made yet another huge statement in a 43-21 home win over the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady threw for 333 yards and four […]

vinatieri snow kick

Did the Patriots Make a Mistake by Letting Adam Vinatieri Go?

Kyle:  The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is that they have one of the top two kickers in the league (Steven Hauschka is the other). The beauty of Steven Gostkowski (aside from his range and accuracy) is that the Pats don’t need to carry a kickoff speacialist on their roster to make sure […]

patriots colts snap

Who is the Bigger Threat: The Broncos or the Colts?

Rick:  The bigger threat to the Patriots is still the Denver Broncos. While Bill Belichick seems to have the formula to stop both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Patriots have forced Luck into seven interceptions in the two matchups they have played. Plus, I think Denver’s defense is better than the Colts, especially since the […]

rob gronkowski broncos

Do the Patriots Need Home-Field to Win the AFC?

Rick: If the defense continues to improve, then home field isn’t as big of a deal as opposed to a few weeks ago. The Patriots have had great success at home, but have also lost winnable home games in the postseason over the last few years. New England has the team to win anywhere, but a […]

brady throwing bills

Predicting the Patriots Final Record

Raj: I’m actually very worried because to clinch homefield advantage, they will need to win out. The Broncos’ schedule the rest of the way is a joke and I can confidently say they have a better chance of winning out. Their only challenge is the Bengals in Cincinnati. For the Pats I don’t realistically see that […]

Week 10 NFL Pick ‘Em

We’ve got a tight race going on as the NFL Week count reached double-digits.  I was expecting this to be a dull week with a lot of seemingly lopsided matchups.  Turns out 5 of our 7 picks were non-unanimous, with only Arizona and Detriot getting the nod from all four bloggers.

shane vereen touchdown texans

How Would You Grade the Patriots So Far?

Rick:  The New England Patriots get a A- from me for the first half of the season. It started off as a C during the first four games, especially against the Kansas City Chiefs. The last five games have been very impressive as it has shown has the team’s resilience and their mental toughness, especially […]

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

What Was the Key to Beating the Broncos?

Kyle:  The biggest key to the Pats’ victory was the physical play of the defense. It was just like old times with the Flying Elvis’ throttling anything in white. Games, and poundings, like these stay with the losing team for a few weeks. The play that set the tone was early in the first quarter […]