Week 13 NFL Pick ‘Em

It’s official: what goes around comes around. Like I mentioned last week, it was a short-lived bragging rights privilege I held on to (myself and Rick were 5-0 in week 11.) But now I’ve come back to earth, sporting a dismal 2-3 in this past week’s Pick ‘Em. Rick is still in the clouds though, […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 12

Stability is beginning to set in on the Top 12, and after twelve weeks of football, why shouldn’t it?  By now, we have a pretty good idea about what each team is made of.   Still, there’s stability, and then there’s stability.  An unprecedented 7 of 12 teams hold the exact same spot as they did […]

Q&A Session with Rex Sanchez pt. 2

It’s once again time for our weekly Q&A session with an opposing blogger.  This time around, it was time to take the gloves off and play nice with a fan of the Patriots’ arch-nemesis.  As you may recall from our Week 2 Q&A session, Rex Sanchez is Bloguin’s New York Jets blog.  Despite the fact […]

Opening Lines: NFL Week 13

Patriots Favored by 3.5 in Showdown with Jets The Patriots opened as 3.5-point favorites for the Week 12 battle for AFC East supremacy against the Jets. With both teams sporting identical 9-2 records and plenty of bad blood between these organizations, this game is sure to get more media coverage than Kate Middleton. New England’s […]

Patriots vs. Jets: What’s at Stake?

vs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that THE game of the 2010 NFL Regular season will be played Monday night, December 6th in Foxboro.  You’ve got two teams with identical, league-leading 9-2 records, who happen to play in the same division, and who absolutely despise each other.  Jets/Pats is clearly the […]

Thanksgiving in New York

As we prepare for the December 6th winner-take-all showdown with the Jets, I thought it would be good to do some advanced scouting here at Foxboro Blog.  My hope is that the inside information posted here can be of use to both the Patriots and their fans as we all get ready for what very […]


Patriots Tame Lions, 45-24

Detroit started tough, but ended up looking like a bunch of big pussy cats. For a while there, it appeared that the Patriots may have found themselves snagged in yet another trap game.  Late in the second quarter, the Pats were down 14-3, with the Lions’ defense hitting Brady like a pinata, and their offense […]


Thanksgiving Preview: Patriots @ Lions

Last Sunday, New England defeated another top AFC team in the Indianapolis Colts, but it was not that easy. For the second straight year, the Patriots faced the possibility of blowing a 31-14 lead in the 4th quarter to Peyton Manning, but the “bend but don’t break” defense once again came up with the huge […]

Q&A Session with The Wayne Fontes Experience

It’s time for our weekly Q&A session with a blogger who covers the Patriots next opponent.  Up this week is The Wayne Fontes Experience, a great blog that has covered the Lions through thick and thin, and mostly the thin.  The site’s lead blogger, Al Beaton, is one of Bloguin’s finest football minds and always […]

Foxboro Blog Top 12: Week 11

With eleven ten games under each team’s belt, it’s about time that we saw some stability in our rankings.  It’s been a crazy year, no doubt, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we should have a fairly good idea of where each team lies in the pecking order.   This week, four of the Top […]

Opening Lines

Patriots Open at -7 in Thanksgiving Game in Detroit According to our good friends at, the Patriots opened as 7-point favorites for their Thanksgiving game in Detroit. (I hope you noticed that shameless plug, other potential sponsors … we here at Foxboro Blog take good care of the fine companies who help make us […]

Week 12 NFL Pick ‘Em

Well folks, it’s time for the second round of our weekly NFL Pick ‘Em here at the Foxboro Blog, and we have some great tilts lined up. As mentioned last week, the picks will be composed of five games that we feel will impact our beloved Patriots. This could include potential future playoff contenders and […]

Patriots Fantasy Forecast: Week 12

Tom Brady Believe it or not, Detroit’s pass defense actually ranks in the top half of the league in terms of yards per game. However, that is largely because opposing offenses choose to attack their putrid run defense (130 yards per game allowed). I expect the Patriots to run the ball a lot in this […]

New England Pins Indy 31-28!

DING!  DING!  DING! On the game’s final drive, I was sure that one of two things would happen.  Either the Colts were scoring another touchdown and ending the game, or somebody on the Patriots’ defense was going to have to come up with the big play to force a turnover.  Just like last season, where […]

Game Preview: Patriots vs. Colts

It’s that time of year again.  It’s the game where the two greatest quarterbacks of the past decade will face off in a battle that has AFC playoff implications. This year, both quarterbacks are playing without their usual Pro Bowl teammates. Tom Brady is without Randy Moss and is relying heavily on two rookie tight […]