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Predicting the Patriots Final Record

Raj: I’m actually very worried because to clinch homefield advantage, they will need to win out. The Broncos’ schedule the rest of the way is a joke and I can confidently say they have a better chance of winning out. Their only challenge is the Bengals in Cincinnati. For the Pats I don’t realistically see that […]

Week 10 NFL Pick ‘Em

We’ve got a tight race going on as the NFL Week count reached double-digits.  I was expecting this to be a dull week with a lot of seemingly lopsided matchups.  Turns out 5 of our 7 picks were non-unanimous, with only Arizona and Detriot getting the nod from all four bloggers.

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How Would You Grade the Patriots So Far?

Rick:  The New England Patriots get a A- from me for the first half of the season. It started off as a C during the first four games, especially against the Kansas City Chiefs. The last five games have been very impressive as it has shown has the team’s resilience and their mental toughness, especially […]

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

What Was the Key to Beating the Broncos?

Kyle:  The biggest key to the Pats’ victory was the physical play of the defense. It was just like old times with the Flying Elvis’ throttling anything in white. Games, and poundings, like these stay with the losing team for a few weeks. The play that set the tone was early in the first quarter […]

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The Ultimate Weapon: Week 10 Risers and Fallers

I spend at least an hour and a half Monday through Friday listen to Boston sports talk radio on my way to and from work.  This being Brady/Manning week, I was treated to a never ending monologue about how Tom Brady doesn’t have the weapons that Peyton Manning does and question after question about why […]

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Does Today’s Game Have Super Bowl Implications?

Rick:  If the Patriots lose Sunday’s game, it wouldn’t end their chances of making the Super Bowl, but it would definitely put a dent into them. A loss would give the Broncos the head-to-head tiebreaker and make it more likely with New England’s difficult schedule after the bye week that Denver would host a playoff rematch. The key […]

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Is the Brady/Manning Debate Actually a Debate?

Kyle:  I think it’s only a debate in the sense that sports rivalries fuel debates. The problem with this as a legitimate debate is the fact that they actually don’t go head-to-head as say a Bird and Magic or Ali and Frazier did. Both players are somewhat beholding to the talent, schemes, and successes of […]

Week 9 NFL Pick ‘Em

Another week, another round of Pick ‘Em.  However, this just isn’t any week here in New England.  It’s Broncos week.   And that means we’re breaking from routine and actually putting the Patriots up for debate in this week’s contest.  Time to see which of us bloggers are willing to go against the grain and […]

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Progression Towards the Mean: Week 8 Risers and Fallers

Four weeks ago, it seemed as if the entire world was questioning whether Tom Brady was declining and if the Patriots penchant for trading down in the draft and shopping for value had finally caught up with them.  There is a phrase in statistics called “regression towards the mean”.   If you happen to take a […]

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Should the Patriots Make a Deadline Trade?

Raj:  Right now, the Patriots should prioritize at OL, DL, and LB because those are some shaky areas on this team right now. They could get Dane Fletcher back from Tampa Bay to add more depth. Speaking of Tampa Bay, should the Patriots feel the need to add another receiver, I don’t see why they […]

Week 8 NFL Pick ‘Em

You know it’s a crazy week when three out of four of us are backing a 1-6 team.   There’s a lot of limbs being gone out on this week with six of the seven match-ups featuring a single pick going against the consensus of the other three writers.

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How Can the Patriots Stop the Run?

Kyle:  Nothing this year- but maybe in the future they shouldn’t cut guys who can play like Tommy Kelley just because there is a cheaper alternative on the roster. Sometimes you can’t just plug and play guys- sometimes the more expensive guy is a better player who will do more to help the team win. […]

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Who is the Bigger Loss, Mayo or Ridley?

Rick: With Chandler Jones out for the next month, you have to say the bigger loss for the Patriots is Jerod Mayo. With Mayo out, the team loses a key leader on defense and someone who helps out against the run. Without Mayo and Jones, the team will be lacking two significant pieces on a defense that […]