Are the Patriots Super Bowl Contenders Now?

 Last week we asked if the Patriots were legitimate Super Bowl contenders after their loss to the Chiefs.  Are they legitimate Super Bowl contenders now? Raj: Nope, not yet. Like I said last week, though they will always be Super Bowl contenders on paper, they haven’t shown enough on the field to be considered that. However, […]


What’s Behind the Big Turn Around?

What do feel was the biggest factor in the turn around from Monday Night’s debacle to Sunday Night’s victory? Kyle:  There were two factors: the offensive line and the opponent’s defensive game plan. Right form the start, it was clear that they finally had the best configuration for the O-line in at the beginning. There […]


Order Restored: Week 5 Risers and Fallers

Having recently moved to New England, I was never subjected to the abject horror that is Boston sports-talk radio following a bad Patriots loss.  Don’t get me wrong.  Monday Night’s debacle in Kansas City was as ugly of a performance as there has been in the Brady/Belichick era, but I think the past thirteen seasons […]


Are the Patriots Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders?

Kyle:  Talk to me on Monday about this one. If they play the best team in football close Sunday, or somehow, miraculously win, then they can be considered contenders. As they stand today, the Pats are NOT Super Bowl contenders as of today. My sense is there are too many leaks in this Titanic to fix on a […]

Super Bowl XLVI

Is There a Rift in the Patriots’ Locker Room?

Is the Patriots’ poor play a result of bad execution, or do you think that there are behind the scenes locker room issues at the root of their problems? Kyle:  It think it’s poor execution coupled with poor coaching. It literally looked like they had no plan last Monday. Maybe they had a plan, but […]


Are the Patriots in Jeopardy of Losing the AFC East?

Rick:  I’m not worried about the Patriots in terms of winning the AFC East because of the lack of consistent quarterback play around the division. While the Bills’ defense looks very good early, the decision to bench E.J. Manuel was a little bit puzzling. While Kyle Orton helps that situation, I don’t think it vaults […]

brady sweating miami

Could the Patriots Have a Quarterback Controversy?

Could there be a QB controversy heading New England’s way if the Patriots’ play doesn’t pick up? Raj:  Not really. Yes, Brady should blame himself with his performance. But you also have to remember that the offensive line is the main issue. I’m almost certain that Jimmy G, even if he starts off great, will […]

tom brady upset chiefs patriots

Don’t Panic: Week 4 Risers and Fallers

The bad losses have been few and far between in the Brady/Belichick era.  Still, there are those few games that can’t help but stick out. A 31-0 rout at the hands of the Buffalo Bills in Week 1 of the 2003 season. The time the Brady-less Pats were left scratching their heads when Miami broke out […]

Jimmy Garoppolo

Can the Patriots Win with Jimmy Garappolo if Brady Goes Down?

Kyle:  Garappolo is probably not ready to lead a team to the playoffs, but he is certainly ready to play in the NFL. He is surgically accurate (the quality I believe is most important for a QB- see Pennington, Chad and how he dissected the Pats D with precision passes). He can move and make […]

brady fumble niners

How Much is Brady to Blame for the Patriots’ Struggles?

Raj:  There is no doubt in my mind that some of the blame belongs to Tom Brady. He mentioned in his press conference yesterday that he’s just trying to be the best qb for the team. However, you can’t blame him too much if the offensive line is week and only one receiver (Julian Edelman) […]

Week 4 NFL Pick ‘Em

After a 1-6 start, Kyle rebounded in Week 2 with a 6-1 finish.  He went back to his old ways and finished 1-6 in Week 3.  Should I be afraid that all seven of my picks are the exact opposite of his?   In other news, Raj caught up to me and is now tied […]