revis chiefs 9-29-14

Are the Chiefs the Biggest Threat to the Patriots?

Rick:  Right now, the Chiefs look like the team that would give the Patriots the biggest challenge in the AFC, regardless of venue. The Chiefs could play in the cold weather at Foxboro and they bring a physical level that matches with what the Patriots showed last Sunday. Kansas City has a great rushing attack with Jamaal Charles and […]

legarrette blount touchdown patriots

Blount Force Returns: Week 12 Risers and Fallers

Another week, another dominating win.  I’ve been telling myself for fourteen years now to enjoy this era of Patriots football, because it won’t last forever.  It won’t, but with the way the Patriots have been rolling over their opponents week after week, it’s hard to see where the end of this epic streak will come. […]

rob gronkowski running

Who is the Patriots MVP So Far?

Rick: For me, the Patriots’ MVP through the first ten games is tight end Rob Gronkowski. Without a 100% Gronk, the Patriots looked like a completely different offense in the first four games. In the last six games, Gronkowski has three games of 100+ yards, four or more catches in all six games, and six touchdowns. […]

jonas gray running patriots colts

Is Jonas Gray for Real?

Do you think Jonas Gray is for real or was Sunday just the game of his life? Raj: I still think that last Sunday was the game of his life. But at the same time, this Sunday helped prove that he is here to play. From being a solely-practice squad running back, Gray showed he can be a […]

gronk tosses sergio brown

Did Gronk Go Too Far?

Did Gronk go too far, shoving Sergio Brown into the camera after the play was finished? Rick:  Gronk went a little too far in shoving Sergio Brown because the message didn’t need to be sent in that moment that the Patriots were tough. They were showing that the whole game by running on the Colts at […]


Week 11 Risers and Fallers: 201 Shades of Gray

In January, LeGarrette Blount scored four touchdowns as the New England Patriots ran all over the Colts in their Divisional Round playoff win.  On Sunday, Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns as the New England Patriots ran all over the Colts in a prime time matchup for first place in the AFC.  The biggest difference between these […]

brady sacked by dolphins

Are the Patriots Due for a Fall?

Are the Patriots due for a fall just like the other past “consensus” top teams so far this NFL season? Raj: They’ll be in for a rough ride, no doubt about that. Having road games against Indianapolis, Green Bay, and San Diego are really tough so they will struggle. But a fall? Absolutely not. I just […]

Which NFC Team is Most Likely to Make it to the Super Bowl?

Kyle:  The NFC is suddenly a very flawed conference. Seattle is a chemistry mess. San Francisco keeps losing linebackers and their quarterback is shaky at best. Green Bay has gigantic defensive holes. Philly, should be the favorite, but The Sanchize is under center for them now. Can anyone trust Tony Romo in the playoffs? Nope. […]

vinatieri snow kick

Did the Patriots Make a Mistake by Letting Adam Vinatieri Go?

Kyle:  The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is that they have one of the top two kickers in the league (Steven Hauschka is the other). The beauty of Steven Gostkowski (aside from his range and accuracy) is that the Pats don’t need to carry a kickoff speacialist on their roster to make sure […]