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How Can the Patriots Stop the Run?

Kyle:  Nothing this year- but maybe in the future they shouldn’t cut guys who can play like Tommy Kelley just because there is a cheaper alternative on the roster. Sometimes you can’t just plug and play guys- sometimes the more expensive guy is a better player who will do more to help the team win. […]

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Who is the Bigger Loss, Mayo or Ridley?

Rick: With Chandler Jones out for the next month, you have to say the bigger loss for the Patriots is Jerod Mayo. With Mayo out, the team loses a key leader on defense and someone who helps out against the run. Without Mayo and Jones, the team will be lacking two significant pieces on a defense that […]

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots

Should The Pats Have Performed Better Against the Jets?

Is there any reason to be concerned that last Thursday’s game against the lowly Jets was such a close contest? Raj:  Not really. I mean yeah, we should be worried about how the Jets ran the ball like that. But on the other hand, I expected a close game. Except for the buttfumble game, isn’t […]

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Redemption Story: Week 7 Risers and Fallers

Beyond the huge amount of relief I felt when Nick Folk’s potential game-winning kick ended up in the turf, there was also a sense of justice felt, knowing that the man who blocked the field goal had finally been redeemed.   None of us can forget the incredulous “pushing your own teammate” penalty that was […]

Week 7 NFL Pick ‘Em

Interestingly enough, one of our games from last week happened to be a tie.  That means we now get to all have that annoying -1 added to the end of our records for the season.  Thanks a lot, Cincinnati and Carolina.  When you tie, we all tie.

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New Era 39THIRTY Question: Do You Like Thursday Night Football?

This week Foxboro Blog will be giving away a New Era On-Field 39THIRTY Patriots Cap to one of our blog’s visitors.  In order to become eligible to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  (Preferably one answering the question above.)  The answers from our bloggers are posted below. Rick:   I like Thursday night […]

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The Sound of Silence: Week 6 Risers and Fallers

Thanks to a faulty DVR and my decision to be a good father and take my son to the park, I missed the bulk of yesterday’s game.  I got home at 4pm, just in time to realize that the game in my channel guide that was flagged with the red dot indicating it was being […]

Week 6 NFL Pick ‘Em

A good week was had by all in Week 5.  The four Foxboro Blog contributors all went 6-1 or 5-2 in our picks, and, of course, Tom Brady and the Pats managed to pull out a big victory as well.  As we approach Week 6, we’ve got a battle going at the top of the […]

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Any Truth to the Brady Trade Talk?

There have been rumors swirling that the Patriots are looking to trade Brady before the last three years of his deal kick in as fully guaranteed.  Do you think there is any truth to these rumors? Rick:  I tend to usually believe the reports that come from Chris Mortensen at ESPN, but I do believe […]


Are the Patriots Super Bowl Contenders Now?

 Last week we asked if the Patriots were legitimate Super Bowl contenders after their loss to the Chiefs.  Are they legitimate Super Bowl contenders now? Raj: Nope, not yet. Like I said last week, though they will always be Super Bowl contenders on paper, they haven’t shown enough on the field to be considered that. However, […]


What’s Behind the Big Turn Around?

What do feel was the biggest factor in the turn around from Monday Night’s debacle to Sunday Night’s victory? Kyle:  There were two factors: the offensive line and the opponent’s defensive game plan. Right form the start, it was clear that they finally had the best configuration for the O-line in at the beginning. There […]


Order Restored: Week 5 Risers and Fallers

Having recently moved to New England, I was never subjected to the abject horror that is Boston sports-talk radio following a bad Patriots loss.  Don’t get me wrong.  Monday Night’s debacle in Kansas City was as ugly of a performance as there has been in the Brady/Belichick era, but I think the past thirteen seasons […]